Special Ministers of the Eucharist

Eucharistic Ministers are needed to assist our Priests with Holy Communion at Mass, but we do
much more than that.  Through this Ministry we serve God by serving others.

Each Sunday we have the honor of carrying our Eucharistic Lord to the sick, the homebound and
also to the residents of the Nursing Homes in our Parish.    On a typical Sunday we take
Communion to over 250 people who otherwise would not be able to receive it.

Our Parish is growing and so is the number of people on our Communion List.  We are always
looking for people who are willing to serve the Church as Eucharistic Ministers.

Process In Becoming A Eucharistic Minister
Interested parishioners will participate in an informal interview with the Eucharistic Minister
Coordinator.  (About 30 Minutes)

Opportunities are then offered to shadow a Eucharistic Minister on visits to parishioner’s
homes or nursing facilities.  

After committing to become a Eucharistic Minister, a training session is held to familiarize them
with the procedures to be followed while serving on the Altar at Mass.   (About one hour)

Ministries That Are Served In Our Region
Parishioner’s Homes
Berks Heim
Columbia Cottage
Country Meadows
Phoebe Berks
Reading Health Systems  (Rehabilitation Center across from Target)

Must be a registered member of St. Ignatius parish.

Must be willing to spend one Sunday morning about every four or five weeks taking Communion
to homebound or nursing home.

Must be willing to serve at Mass about once a month
The most important qualifications for this Ministry are what Jesus called the Greatest
Commandments----Love God and Love you neighbor.

Scheduling meetings are held about three times a year at 7:30 PM in the school meeting rooms.

An annual retreat for Eucharistic Ministers is held the first Sunday in May.  All Eucharistic
Ministers are strongly encouraged to attend this retreat.

If you have ever considered being a part of this Ministry----or if you want to know more about
what we do----please call or email:
Neal Swarmer   (Eucharistic Minister Coordinator)   610-670-2678      swarmer412@gmail.com
St. Ignatius Loyola Parish
Email us
GPS: 40.33701, - 76.00438