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Policy and Procedural Guidelines                        PREP Program Dates

AM:  Levels K-4  |  10:15-11:45 am       |       PM:  Levels 5-8  |  6:45-8:15 pm
PREP supplemental learning is a means for students (and families) to enrich their faith through spiritual activities, Bible stories, videos, etc.

It is a way to prepare for the next class session and to keep up.  The goal of supplemental learning is for students to explore a deeper
relationship with God and their spirituality.  Click on the appropriate level for the assignments for your child(ren).

here for lessons from past months.
NOVEMBER 1st - First Friday Family Faith and Fun night! (5 F’s)
Adults and Students (grades 7-12) are encouraged to join!
OCTOBER 27th- Date of Monthly Mass Challenge at 5:30pm
(Make sure you check in at the table in the Narthex!)
Future AM PREP classes in 2019:
Oct. 6, Oct. 13
Nov. 3, Nov. 10
Dec. 3

Join us for the First Friday of each
month for Family Fun nights!
Keep it positive!!
Future PM PREP classes in 2019:
Oct. 6, Oct. 20
Nov. 3, Nov. 10
Dec. 8, Dec. 15

Please don’t forget our monthly
Mass challenge on the last Sunday
of each month at 5:30pm in church!

Smile and hug your children!
NOVEMBER 17th- Sacrament of First Penance
Congratulations to our Confirmation 2019 students!
What a spirit-filled day!