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Next AM (K-4) Class:  Sunday, November 5  |  10:15 – 11:45 am
Next PM (5-7) Class:   Sunday, November 5  |  6:45 – 8:15 pm

Need a calendar?  Click here for the 2017-18 PREP Calendar.
“Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. Parents should initiate their children at an early
age into the mysteries of the faith of which they are the “first Heralds” for their children.   They should associate them
from their tenderest years with the life of the Church.”  (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2223 and 2225).
What is Family-focused Faith?   

Family-focused faith is valuable time spent in sharing the faith with your children, learning together, renewing interest in
the sacraments and passing along important relational priorities. We have pared back our calendar to free up time for
Mass and a family activity, along with the family participating in Supplemental Learning to augment the learning that
takes place on PREP Sundays.  
Everywhere you look, people are talking about being thankful.  Being truly thank-full
requires looking beyond
our blessings, to the needs of others.  This month’s Family
Faith focuses on doing just that…helping those less fortunate than us.

You may have seen or heard information about our Parish Mission trips to the Catholic
Diocese of Lexington in Kentucky.  This
mission diocese is on the front lines with its
outreach programs that provide food, shelter and clothing, along with direct assistance
with developing the tools to help people help themselves.

The students in AM PREP (K-4) were able to learn first-hand about the lives of the
children in this and surrounding areas.  Through a presentation by Mrs. Sheryl Lanciano,
Director of Parish Life here at St. Ignatius, who was on our last trip, the students got a
first-hand look into just how little the children in this area of Kentucky have, but just how
grateful and blessed they feel!

On Sunday, December 10, the students in K-4 will be doing a service project for the
children of this Diocese.  We will be putting together shoe boxes filled with small items
and having the students create cards sending their prayers and love.  But…to help the
students better understand what service really means, we are asking them to earn the
money to buy items by doing chores either at home or for family, friends and neighbors.

The following is a list of some
suggested items.  (Click here for a printable list.)  As a
reminder, the items
must be able to fit into a shoe box.  

…Family is the heart of our faith lives…
PREP supplemental learning is a means for students (and families) to enrich their faith through spiritual activities, Bible stories,
videos, etc.  The goal of supplemental learning is for students to explore a deeper relationship with God and their spirituality.  
Students will have a different mission each month.  Click on the appropriate level for the assignments for your child(ren).
•        Doll / Plastic toys and toy figures
•        Toy cars/trucks/boats
•        Playing cards
•        Building blocks
•        Kaleidoscope
•        Marbles
•        Hacky sack
•        Foam or plastic balls (soccer, kick,
        football, tennis) If uninflated, include a
        manual air pump
•        Small musical instrument (harmonica
        or woodwind recorder)
•        Jump Rope / Small Frisbee
•        Slinky / Yo-Yo / Etch A Sketch
•        Interactive toys that include push
        buttons, lights, noise (include extra

•        Comb / Hairbrush
•        Toothbrush / Travel toothpaste
•        Washcloth / Bar soap (packaged
        and/or in a container)
•        Socks
•        Hair accessories / Children’s Jewelry
•        Non-liquid lip balm
•        Flashlight (if battery operated, be
        sure to include extra batteries of the
        type needed)
•        Compact mirror
•        Nail polish / Nail clippers or file
•        Pencils / Colored pencils
•        Small manual pencil sharpener
•        Crayons
•        Markers
•        Pens
•        Coloring pads / Coloring books
•        Picture book
•        Notebooks
•        Glue stick (Do not include liquid glue.)
•        Finger paints / Watercolor paints /
        Paint brushes
•        Play dough / Non-sharp plastic cookie
•        Stickers
•        Small puzzles
•        Solar-powered calculator
•        Safety (blunt tip) scissors
•        Ruler / Protractor
•        Glue stick (do not include liquid glue)
•        Small adhesive tape
•        Chalkboard and chalk

We are also in need of empty shoe
boxes and plain wrapping paper (non-

Do Not Include: War-related items (toy
guns, knives, or military figures) or
breakable items such as snow globes or
glass containers.
You can purchase items inexpensively at any dollar store, Wal-Mart, etc.  If you shop the birthday
aisle, you would be able to get several small toys as a pack.
We ask that your child(ren) bring in items on Sunday, December 10.

We will be also be serving hot chocolate and cookies to the students before we begin the service
project on that day.  If your child has allergies, please bring in a snack along with them that day.