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…Family is the heart of our faith lives…
It feels like we just clear the table from Thanksgiving turkey when the
holiday season is upon us.  With every passing year, it seems the
season gets busier and busier.

Sunday, December 2, marks the  beginning of the Advent Season.
Advent is the season of peaceful waiting for the coming of our Savior,
Jesus Christ.  It is a time of spiritual preparation for Christmas.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the weeks leading up to Christmas can be
anything but that.  With the stress, distractions, and being pulled in so
many directions, finding tranquil time gets even harder.  

This December, we would like to grace you with the gift of time focused
on faith and family!

We have gifted your family with a $5.00 discount to enjoy one of our
Knights of Columbus breakfasts.  Don’t forget…on Sunday, December
16…Santa will be here to help celebrate, too!  

We are inviting you to sit back and relax this holiday season and enjoy
some time to be together as a family.  If you wish to enhance your  
family’s Advent experience, we’ve added some suggestions
PREP supplemental learning is a means for students (and families) to enrich their faith through spiritual activities, Bible stories, videos, etc.  
The goal of supplemental learning is for students to explore a deeper relationship with God and their spirituality.  Students will have a different
mission each month.  Click on the appropriate level for the assignments for your child(ren).  Click
here for lessons from past months.